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Brain-Pad® ” Endorsed again ! ” –  Brain-Pad’s Dual-arch safety technology wins over
Martial Arts Entertainment Media.

Martial Arts Entertainment Media, a leader in the martial arts industry, has officially endorsed Brain-Pad® Protective line of dual-arch jaw joint protector™ Mouth Guards.

Danny & Teresa Zaino, and family Tony, Joey & Dominque all are career martial artists.  Martial Arts Media, after evaluating all products in this market, recognizes the science of Brain-Pad® for superior jaw Stabilization & TMJ Protection and will be creating global awareness about Jaw Impact Danger, and Brain-Pad’s effective product lines a proven protective solution.

Martial Arts Media reaches an audience of over 90,000 people per month through their online offering of: Radio, Television and their Magazine.  Here is their link –

For more information about Martial Arts Entertainment Media contact:
or call: 561-575-5425

Brain-Pad, Inc. thanks Danny & Teresa Zaino, and family for promoting the only tested and proven technology available for lower jaw, and base of skull protection !
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Chin-cup Loading Forces slam the jaw back into the Vital TMJ…over and over and over !

The graphic speaks volumes about the JAW / TMJ / Base of Skull  relationship.
Brain-Pad’s dual arched design secure the jaw from SLAMMING the TMJ !

Any hits to the face mask are transmitted to the chin-cup, jaw, TMJ, and into the Base of Skull.  Ask any boxer how the easiest way to be successful in the ring . . . . . . ‘Hit him across his jaw!’.  The helmet can be struck from numerous angles, and many of these impacts are directed into the chin-cup and Jaw.

So why do helmet designs overlook this chin-strap loading of an unprotected, vital body socket extremely close to the base of the skull ?