Sanchez Uses Dual-Arch Jaw Protection

Tough is tough. And that he is.  But smart also goes a long way towards success –
Shanchez-Brain-Pad-no-ufcSanchez pictured wearing Brain-Pad’s PRO+ Black and Gray Jaw-Joint Protector Guard –
Proof-positive that even the toughest must be smart enough to understand the risks of competing with an unprotected, or poorly protected lower jaw.
Is it the great breathing?  Is it the jaw-joint buffer zone Brain-Pad’s dual-arch designs create and maintain at impact?  Is it the ability to breathe while clenching?  Or could it be that Sanchez just wants to have all his teeth when he wakes up the morning after his bouts?

We’ll go out on a limb and simply guess – ” Yes”.

Brain-Pad Jaw-Joint Protector(TM) – In Action !

A BIG Right-Hand gets through . . .

Brain-Pad Protects YOUR BRAIN - Any questions ?

Direct shot to Jaw. Brain-Pad does its job.

The ‘sweat cloud’ knocked from this fighter’s head shows the impact’s force on the front of the jaw.  Most important to notice is that the jaw remains in its naturally correct position even as this tremendous right-hand lands square across the chin & jaw.  The same concept holds true when wearing the best football helmet available.  This is because the helmet is secured to the Head by the Chin-Cup.  So ‘ play after play ‘, impacts to the front and sides of any helmet are delivered to the Chin-Cup / Jaw / TMJ sockets / and into the Base o the Skull  !    Brain-Pad is for all contact sports !