Sanchez Uses Dual-Arch Jaw Protection

Tough is tough. And that he is.  But smart also goes a long way towards success –
Shanchez-Brain-Pad-no-ufcSanchez pictured wearing Brain-Pad’s PRO+ Black and Gray Jaw-Joint Protector Guard –
Proof-positive that even the toughest must be smart enough to understand the risks of competing with an unprotected, or poorly protected lower jaw.
Is it the great breathing?  Is it the jaw-joint buffer zone Brain-Pad’s dual-arch designs create and maintain at impact?  Is it the ability to breathe while clenching?  Or could it be that Sanchez just wants to have all his teeth when he wakes up the morning after his bouts?

We’ll go out on a limb and simply guess – ” Yes”.

NatureZone – Now with AC Power Cord!

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NatureZone is a patented sanitizing & deodorizing chamber that floods the chamber with aggressive Ozone molecules that destroy bacteria hiding deep in oral appliance plastics.
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Stop buying replacement chemicals and tablets.  NatureZone offers a push button 3min auto-shut-off cycle, destroys germs and removes germ-created odors and tastes from many hygiene items as well as its primary use – Maintaining oral appliance integrity.
Note – Previous NatureZones[model 100-DIS] do not have an AC cord port and cannot accept the AC cord for power.  NatureZone model 200-DIS includes the AC Adapter port and the wall-plug-ready power cord.

TACKLE SURE – For Coaching Staffs & Players – Taught by NFL Pros

School-of-the-legends-youth-football-safety-4Excellent Video Instruction with on-line, on-demand access hosted by NFL Pros.
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THIS FAST-MOVING, VISUAL TRAINING COURSE from those that have succeeded
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Check out a few segments from School of the Legend’s TACKLE SURE


Entire Football team in Canada Protected by ‘The Brain-Pad Project’!

It took only 5 minutes to have head the of the Aigle-D’or football program in Lachine Quebec, Dominique Menard to get the school board to approve a budget to fit his whole football program with a dual arch mouth guard from Brain-Pad this season.
Vic-with-helmetHe is committed for the next 3 years to implement Brain-Pad exclusive dual-arch mouth guard designs.  Coach Menard wants dual-arch for athlete safety and sees Brain-Pad’s designs becoming a standard piece of equipment for years to come in his football program. Congratulations Coach!  For being pro-active in the fight against Injuries!

Team2 Dominique Menard is on-board with the ‘Brain-Pad Project’ of Canada for the next 3 years. This man is a serious visionary and will go down as the man that helped implement Dual-arch Safety technology in his school program.

Dual-Arch supports the jaw & keeps the jaw from slamming the base of the skull from ever-present helmet/chin-cup/jaw impaction forces in contact sports.

Promoters-1LEFT- Tom Faludi of NFP international distributing Brain-Pad in Canada, a team coach, along with Olympic Women’s Hockey star Nancy Drolet attended to support  the first ever game with all players wearing a dual arch protective mouth guard in a school football game in Canada. Congratulations to coach Jamaal Garner and Sylvain Jette for promoting athlete safety at practice and game day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAParents love that their athletes are as protected as possible and that the Coach knew
about Brain-Pad mouth guards.

Vic-coach-imageVictor Theriault, with Coach Menard, displays “NatureZone”(also from Brain-Pad) – A powerful yet chemical-free mouth guard sanitizer with built in deodorizer which removes bad odors and tastes found on any type oral appliance like football or hockey mouth guards.

HBO-Fight-Event-Special thanks to Dr Louis Crevier, Nuro-Surgeon at Sainte Justine children hospital, who
accepted to be the President of Honor of this project.

Victor is also setting up his 2nd ‘Brain-Pad Project’ for Ice Hockey & more Football Teams in 2014.
Contact him if you would like your team to become part of his Brain-Pad Project.


Charles Boutin had a great week wearing the Pro+ by Brain-Pad!

Charles has been playing with a Pro+ for the past two season and is having a great start to this season with a 5 points game (1 goal, 4 assist) in a 5 to 1 win last week and help his team tie the next game in a 4-4 draw after trailing 0-4 .
Brain-Pad-canadaHckyThis kid was the only player wearing Brain Pad and now he will  have 10 of his teammates joining him.
Brain-Pad-canadaHcky2Charles father, Serge Boutin who works at the Radio-Canada ,was getting a new model  for his son from Vic Theriault after playing two   full season wearing the Pro +.  Word got out how much these players like and I was ask to meet the coaches and parents who all agreed to participate in a research program to see how many stick with that model with team president Sylvain Petelle and coach Benoit Courchesnes .This will  give the product a serious look and try out in hard hitting kids hockey.

We now will follow 11 kids from the Elites Bantam “CC”  in the Federation de L’Est Hockey who  agreed to give it a serious try and must be congratulated for being pro active in the fight to reduce tooth and jaw-base of skull injuries in the fast game of hockey.

It’s Ice Hockey Season – Lisabelle, & Wiliam – New Dual-Arch Mouth Guard fitting

Getting the best protection fitted-up is a small yet feel-good moment for any family –
Hockey parent finds Brain-Pad; wants the best protection for Wiliam…
(Photos courtesy of – Marc Warden Productions and airMS media – Thanks guys!)

Boil water. Submerge guard as the instructions state(a 2 stage-boiling process) . . .Brain-Pad-Fitting-Mom-son-5x2

Set on lower teeth first – raise guard into upper teeth – and BITE! for a few seconds…
Brain-Pad_in-mouth_Canada-5x2Remove and check impressions on top and bottom of guard – these look good…
Brain-Pad_LoPRO_boil-bite-5x2Give your ‘star athlete’ a high-five and he is 1 step closer to lacing up his skates!
It is really that easy to “Reduce jaw impact energy from entering his jaw-joints & the base of his skull!”.  Brain-Pad compliments even the best helmets available!

Just look at the results of this NFL Funded Study testing Name-Brand guards –
The higher the Bar on the graph, the more energy recorded in the head-form sensors –

This is the Low Speed Impact Graph – Peak acceleration references the jaw’s velocity prior to slamming into the head-form’s TMJ Sockets:2011 study - low speed graph - emailHow about a High Speed Impact ?  Did the Brain-Pad PRO+, win the day again ?
2011 Viano Study - high speed impact graph - emailLooks like we have a winner! . . . If winning means keeping malicious impact energy away from your jaw-joints/TMJ sockets and outside of the base of your skull . . .

Brain-Pad now has its newest design available this winter season – The 3XS Jaw-Joint Protector in black and translucent blue or white and translucent black.  The 3XS is based from the PRO+ design and adds a 3rd impact absorbing thermoplastic in the channel arms which further reduces impacts.  So get a mouth guard and take your chances.  Or get a Brain-Pad Jaw-Joint Protector and reduce your chances of jaw impact injury!