TMJ/Tooth Protection & Better Breathing for Weight Lifters

Many weight lifters will tell you how hard it is to properly breathe while lifting and how much strain they put on their jaws by constantly clenching their teeth together when lifting insane weights. It has been demonstrated that Brain-Pads revolutionary mouth guards are the perfect solution for this problem and protect weight lifters.

The Brain-Pads mouth guards are, first of all, greatly protecting the jaws and the teeth of the weight lifters. Anyone lifting a fair amount of weight will notice that they tend to clench their jaws and teeth when lifting. The mouth guard covers both the upper and lower jaw, allowing the teeth to clench into the soft material instead of grinding on each other and causing damage to the jaws and the teeth. Another great advantage of the Brain-Pad line up is the slight overture at the front of the mouth piece, which will promote better breathing, even while clenching the jaws together. Better breathing will allow the weight lifters to utilize even more force and power and to reduce the effort usually needed to lift a certain weight. As impact to the jaw and lack of proper breathing are two issues Lifters face, using Brain-Pad as an essential part of weight lifting equipment and as an oral protective device is the only way to ensureĀ  “safe” participation with weight lifting.

We are also proud to announce that the Sports Authority is selling all of the Brain-Pad and NatureZone products around the country.

For further information on Brain Pads products, visit the official website at: .

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