Is this the largest MMA Competitive Gathering… EVER ?

3 Cages.  3 Days.  300 Fighters!  click for Information & Event Results –
3-days-on-fire-590webAnd of course BRAIN-PAD’s dual-arch Jaw-Joint Protectors are endorsed as the Official
Mouth Guard of Triad MMA.
TRIAD FIGHT LEAGUE’S CEO Alexo Bell commented to Brain-Pad,
” I have been approached by numerous mouth guard companies wanting our
league’s endorsement.  I’ve asked each the same simple question, “…what do your
guards do that makes them the best mouth guards for our fighters?”.
Company after company could not offer an answer to this simple question.
Then I approached BRAIN-PAD – The only guard company with designs
and materials, and testing, proving to protect the jaw, TMJ and offering
multiple impact absorbing materials in their guards.
The decision made itself.“.


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