Entire Football team in Canada Protected by ‘The Brain-Pad Project’!

It took only 5 minutes to have head the of the Aigle-D’or football program in Lachine Quebec, Dominique Menard to get the school board to approve a budget to fit his whole football program with a dual arch mouth guard from Brain-Pad this season.
Vic-with-helmetHe is committed for the next 3 years to implement Brain-Pad exclusive dual-arch mouth guard designs.  Coach Menard wants dual-arch for athlete safety and sees Brain-Pad’s designs becoming a standard piece of equipment for years to come in his football program. Congratulations Coach!  For being pro-active in the fight against Injuries!

Team2 Dominique Menard is on-board with the ‘Brain-Pad Project’ of Canada for the next 3 years. This man is a serious visionary and will go down as the man that helped implement Dual-arch Safety technology in his school program.

Dual-Arch supports the jaw & keeps the jaw from slamming the base of the skull from ever-present helmet/chin-cup/jaw impaction forces in contact sports.

Promoters-1LEFT- Tom Faludi of NFP international distributing Brain-Pad in Canada, a team coach, along with Olympic Women’s Hockey star Nancy Drolet attended to support  the first ever game with all players wearing a dual arch protective mouth guard in a school football game in Canada. Congratulations to coach Jamaal Garner and Sylvain Jette for promoting athlete safety at practice and game day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAParents love that their athletes are as protected as possible and that the Coach knew
about Brain-Pad mouth guards.

Vic-coach-imageVictor Theriault, with Coach Menard, displays “NatureZone”(also from Brain-Pad) – A powerful yet chemical-free mouth guard sanitizer with built in deodorizer which removes bad odors and tastes found on any type oral appliance like football or hockey mouth guards.

HBO-Fight-Event-Special thanks to Dr Louis Crevier, Nuro-Surgeon at Sainte Justine children hospital, who
accepted to be the President of Honor of this project.

Victor is also setting up his 2nd ‘Brain-Pad Project’ for Ice Hockey & more Football Teams in 2014.
Contact him if you would like your team to become part of his Brain-Pad Project.

Victor Theriaultpvtinc@videotron.ca

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