Highlighting the Triple Thermoplastics Mouth Guard Technology

Football is a high-intensity contact sport. Anything can happen during play, and choosing the right equipment can make all the difference. When you first step out onto the field, you need to know that you’re wearing the most highly-tested and professional protective equipment available on the market. That’s where the 3XS triple thermoplastic mouth guard delivers.

Maximizing leading-class impact protection levels, this superb game-changer has tapered channels for perfect fitting  and an augmented wraparound bumper for extended comfort, to help you keep your eye on the game and focus on making the right play as you dominate against the opposition.

The hardest and most impactful hits are the ones we don’t see prior to feeling them. That’s why Brain- Pads designed their triple thermoplastics mouth guards to offer fortified protection against lateral hits, that come outside our range of vision; so even if your body isn’t ready to withstand the blow, your mouth guard will provide the protection you require.

This innovation is also helping to provide leading-edge protection to the next generation of martial arts fighters who utilize this pioneering technology to withstand the heavy blows they sustain in the course of a competitive fight. Taking advantage of an innovation in tri-thermoplastics manufacturing, the 3XS model forms a barrier against intense hits with impact absorbing gel pads that offer 40% more absorption power from jaw impacts than the previous model, so you can be better protected from jaw impacts.

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