NatureZone – Now with AC Power Cord!

The original just got better! Now with AC adapter option. Still works with 4 AAA Batteries while on the go! Click image to begin ordering direct from Brain-Pad, Inc.

NatureZone is a patented sanitizing & deodorizing chamber that floods the chamber with aggressive Ozone molecules that destroy bacteria hiding deep in oral appliance plastics.
Click image to begin ordering this 100-DIS model, direct from Brain-Pad, Inc.

Stop buying replacement chemicals and tablets.  NatureZone offers a push button 3min auto-shut-off cycle, destroys germs and removes germ-created odors and tastes from many hygiene items as well as its primary use – Maintaining oral appliance integrity.
Note – Previous NatureZones[model 100-DIS] do not have an AC cord port and cannot accept the AC cord for power.  NatureZone model 200-DIS includes the AC Adapter port and the wall-plug-ready power cord.

The MRSA Danger

It’s all over the news; more and more athletes seem to be affected with the deadly MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) virus. Many of them seem to have contracted it by using dirty oral devices, such as their protective mouth guards. For that very purpose, Brain Pads has developed NatureZone, a clinically proven cleanser for oral appliances including retainers, dentures and of course, sports mouth guards. NatureZone is the perfect addition to any other Brain Pads protection items you might already own and can greatly decrease your risk of infections and bacterial viruses due to the use of dirty mouth guards.

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