Jaw impacts affecting the base of the skull – Ice Hockey

Season ended yesterday and they told me they had best offensive in all the league. Out of the 15 players ,
Brain-Pad-canadaHcky213 played all season with the 3XS mouth guard and none of these 13 had any injuries related to jaw impacts affecting the base of the skull. And of the 2 that decided NOT to use Brain-Pad’s 3XS, 1 did have such an injury. To bad for him, should have listen to his team mates ……… Contact Victor Theriault to get your athletes into Brain-Pads! pvtinc@videotron.ca


Bobby played professionally as a D-back.  When his son began to play Youth FB, Bobby
was very concerned his son was not taught Proper, Safe, Effective Tackling Techniques.
He realized that ‘ the art of safe tackling ‘ had been lost since his Pro days, and was not being taught to his son.

Check out Bobby’s impressive videos on his Site and share this link with other parents & your coaches –  There are SAFE and not-so-safe ways to Tackle!
#1 HFT-FINAL_FNL-LOGO[9-23-12] copy 2

Yes, you are reading the above logo correctly -‘ Helmet-Free-Tackle’ is part of his camp’s technique training.  Learning proper head and shoulder positioning with life size soft dummies is KEY to being SAFE when tackling with a helmet on.

When you contact TRAIN’ EM UP ACADEMY, be sure to mention Brain-Pad sent you!